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Go Travel RFID Anti-Theft Leather Passport Cover: Black

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  • Ultra smart passport holder
  • Fits most passports worldwide
  • Safeguards against data theft & digital crime
  • Handcrafted in soft nappa leather
  • Protects passport from wear & tear

Handcrafted in soft nappa leather, this ultra sleek passport cover not only looks smart, it protects your passport from wear and tear. Designed to block illegal scans of RFID chips embedded in modern-day passports, it helps prevent identity theft by stopping sensitive personal data from being stolen. Slimline and stylish, this travel must-have fits most passports worldwide.

    This leather passport holder from Go Travel will help protect your private information when you're travelling.

    Why is RFID protection necessary?

    Data and other personal information is stored on RFID chips embedded in modern day passports. Criminals can easily scan this content like a digital pick-pocket. This allows them to make copies perform identity theft and commit other digital crimes.

    The RFID technology in this genuine leather passport cover stops digital thiefs from scanning your data - an essential personal protection measure for those with modern chip-embedded passports.

    It works by employing an RFID signal blocking cover within the make of the passport cover.

    Keep yourself and your family safe from the new wave of identity theft crime so you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your details will remain secure.

    The perfect gift for frequent and business travellers who are constanly open to this sort of attack.

    Material: Leather
    Important: Contains non-textile parts of animal origin
    Additional Info: RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. Personal and banking information is stored on RFID chips in passports and credit cards. Criminals can easily scan these chips from a distance, taking the information like a digital ‘pick-pocket’. This allows them to perform identity theft and other digital crimes.
    RFID Protected: Yes
    Product Weight (g): 46
    Product Size (mm):
    W 204 x H 140 x D 5
    Product Size Closed (mm): W 103 x H 140 x D 10